slurry-valvesCopamate supplies to a wide variety of industries with customised valve solutions offering the latest in technology and design.

With over 50 years experience in the design and development of a wide variety of valves. We offer complete turn key valve solutions designed at minimising installation disruptions and offer many services.

Our diverse knowledge of valves and the systems in which they are utilised, has allowed us to monitor wear characteristics, engineer modifications to further extend valve service life and prolong the life of other components throughout the entire systems of which our valves are situated in.

Our products have proven to save our customers time and money through the decrease of production downtime and our refurbishment program.


  • Refurbishment
  • Testing
  • Actuation
  • Product Improvement
  • Product Development
  • Design
  • Technical Support

Valve Accessories

  • Actuation
  • Locking Devices
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